Weekly update #1

This is our first update since the initial release. We hope you like it!

Update content

  • The behaviour of the ball in the electric field should be more predictablenow.
  • The tutorial should be fixed now, most of the bugs are fixed and the text should be updated.
  • Added a work-in-progress electric field sprite to improve the visibility (however, it is still not great, but we're on it!)
  • The powerups are now cleared after each round.
  • Various other small fixes.

Known issues

  • Powerups disappear in the tutorial.
  • The visuals are messy. Don't worry, we're on it.


Electro-Pong.dmg 27 MB
Version 3 May 12, 2020
electro-pong-win.zip 14 MB
Version 3 May 12, 2020
electro-pong-linux.zip 14 MB
Version 3 May 12, 2020

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