Final update of Electro-Pong

Hello everyone,

we are happy to announce that our game Electro-Pong is ready for its launch! All the known bugs are solved, and we are happy with the current state of the game.

Furthermore, the game is now open-source. The sources are available on Github: here.

This game was a great experience for all of us and we are proud of the final result. We hope you like this modest game!

See you in further projects!

Update content

  • lots of minor tweaks: stronger electric field, faster players, more frequent (and random) powerups apparition and less graphical bugs.
  • The tutorial has a better grammar now.
  • The game has a credit page now.

Files 27 MB
Version 6 Jun 07, 2020 14 MB
Version 6 Jun 07, 2020 14 MB
Version 6 Jun 07, 2020

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